Seth~half Demon~Bio

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Seth~half Demon~Bio

Post  Kanashi on Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:50 am

Name: Seth

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Bad/Good: Good

Power: he is really fast and can control fire and darkness (deadly combo if I do say so myself) (darkness: father fire: mother)

Weapon Of Choice: swords (mostly katanas)

Markings (optional):


Seth is a male dog demon. He has brown hair and midnight blue eyes. He wears a black T-shirt, blue jeans and running shoes. He aslo has a wolf tail.

Personallity: kinda mixed.

Human Change Time: During a full moon. (man thats a really bad time..... *caugh*werewolves*caugh*)

Extras: He can take out claws at will and will go into demon form when his life is on the line. (inches to deth)

Accessories: He has a pendent around his neck in the shape of a moon.

Hystory: Seth is a half demon with a sister that went to Villans academy insted of Mystic. He has a father as a teacher at Villans and a mother that's a teacher at Mystic after his family got devorsed. He is one of those questionable allys as he will help someone in truble but he and allways seems to behave like a villan. Seth fell in love with a human girl who he killed (not on porpuse) bye a demon slayer bringing him into demon form. He lost control. He acts like he doesn't care even though he does because of the hurt he went though.....

Theme song: what's left of me by nick lachey and breaking the habit by linkin park. (hey he has two personallities so two songs to match. right?)

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