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Fang's Bio

Post  Fang on Sat Sep 12, 2009 10:19 am

Name:Fang of the Southern Magma Mountains

Age:14(human years)

Gender: Male

Desription: A full demon, Plaid shirt, Black pants, and a brown robe with a hood.

Personallity: A serious and mischiveous character, he has been sent to Villain academy due to showing an excellency in Fire, wich means he is a bit of a Pyro.

Power: Set anything on fire. Live for a long time, quickly regenerating health, Fire-related powers, like Fire shield, Magma flow, Rain of Fire, Sword's edge (Blade made out of fire except for handle, used as weapon) Can turn into anything he touches.
Good/Bad: Mix of between, most important thing is a slight conciense, however, he is being trained to ignore it.

Accessories: A dagger, Bows,(both kept in dormitory) School equipment, small bombs.

Markings: Mark of the Southern Magma Mountain Clan. (a mountain exploding with Lava) Embedded in right shoulder.

Hystory: Son of Carth the Unforgiving and Sartana The Merciless, he obviously has family issues. He was sent here for a particulary ugly confrontation with his father (Father walks with a cane and a limp ever since) He was strongly disliked by his clan, but forcefully accepted because of his father's renown.
(picture of him in full combat armor)
Preffered wolf form:

Theme song: Dance of the Demons (

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